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Proof by Bill Bright & Jack Cavanuagh
by Janie Buck
Date: 12.07.2009
A Great Read!

Before he died, Dr. Bill Bright left several stories to be completed. This is the first one. He prayed every day that revival would sweep across our land. "Proof" is the first of a the series. Dr. Bright prayed these books would cause revival to sweep across our nation. May his prayer for revival ignite your heart as you read this book.

The day after Thanksgiving I read all day and enjoyed this book very much. The story is set during the great awakening of 1857-1858 in New York city. The very rich and the very poor are portrayed. The triumph of faith against impossible odds will encourage you to believe the Lord for you personal situation and our Nation.

The publishers have three goals: 1) Increase faith in the hearts of growing Christians. 2) Inspire holiness in the lives of believers. 3) Instill hope in the heart of struggling people everywhere.

The primary reason for the book is HE IS COMING AGAIN!

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