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Sad Earth, Sweet Heaven: The Diary of Lucy Rebecca Buck During the War Between the States
Historically footnoted and edited by Dr. William Pettus Buck

"Diaries are the "candid cameras" of their day catching and preserving a mien of history that enthralls us most. This Lucy Buck has done with literary skill and rare perception on her daily record of the martial sixties in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia - is military, political and economic aspects as well as the domestic and social." -- Laura Virginia Hale.

A complete index and maps and pictures and a supplement that gives additional information make this a book not only for history buffs but historians as well.

Book Excerpt (pdf, 367k)

Format: paperback

Dear Irvie, Dear Lucy: Civil War Letters of Capt. Irving A. Buck, General Cleburne's AAG, and Family
Compiled and edited by Dr. William Pettus Buck
This is a companion book to Sad Earth, Sweet Heaven. It contains Capt. Buck’s letters from the battle field to Lucy and the family and their letters to him.

Book Excerpt (pdf, 304k)

Format: paperback

The Buck Family Virginia
By Dr. William Pettus Buck
You will learn about the migration into the Shenandoah Valley and life in the early years of its settlement. The small book also gives insights into the French and Indian War, the great awakening in Virginia, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, post Civil War Era, and address for charts on the Buck family. History yes, but interesting information over a long period of time.

Book Excerpt (pdf, 44k)

Format: paperback

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