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Flight Path: A Biography of Frank Barker, Jr.
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Flight Path: A Biography of Frank Barker, Jr.
By Janie Buck and Mary Lou Davis
This is a biography you should keep and re-read because of the great spiritual lessons you will learn from the Lord's working in Dr. Frank Barker's life. It points to Jesus Christ on every page. You will laugh and cry and rejoice in its honesty and reality but, far more that that, you will see Christ and what He will do through His servants who will do it His way. You will be glad you read and own this book.

Book Excerpt (pdf, 261k)

Format: paperback

Keeping Cool In Life's Fires
By Janie Buck
"This book relates the lives of Biblical women to modern woman with practical insights for application. This book offers examples of lifestyles that women today will find inspirational and refreshing. God has given us ancient examples in the Bible to show us how to cope with, react to, and handle both little and big circumstances in life. The excited Christian is one who is able to take the Word of God and apply it to his daily walk. You will benefit from the insights into Scripture that God has given." -- Vonette Bright

Book Excerpt (pdf, 99k)

Format: paperback

By Janie Buck
The story of a remarkable woman who was used by the Lord to change lives first in Alabama and then around the world. "Her life flowed with the joy and radiance of our living Savior," Dr. Bill Bright. "I welcome and commend the book on ELIZABETH. I know it will bless each reader, as it has enriched my own heart and life," -- Dr. Stephen Oldford.

Book Excerpt (pdf, 153k)

Format: paperback

Taming The Buck
By Dr. William Pettus Buck
The author kept notes during the raising of his teenage son. He gives a short dissertation on what he learned. It is especially helpful for people to busy to read long explanations on how to raise a son (or daughter). Practical ideas that work.
Format: paperback

Bullet Proof Faith
By Chaplain Jeff Struecker
Jeff Struecker was a sergeant during the battle in Mogadishu made famous by the book and movie "Black Hawk Down." This is the story of his courage and faith. 100,000 have been published and distributed world wide.

Book Excerpt (pdf, 123k)

Format: paperback

Field Guide for Spiritual Warfare
By Mary Lou Davis and Janie Buck
This book will help you understand where many problems start and how to be victorious over our chief enemy. To aid understanding of Godís protection for Christians we enlisted Capt. Chaplain Jeff Struecker. He gives details of the militaryís protective gear. Man-made armor saves lives of our soldiers. Understanding what they wear and how it protects helps us know and use Godís almighty protection. We donít have to be victims or causalities in the troubles of life. Our great God has given us armor.

Book Excerpt (pdf, 93k)

Format: ebook

ASK: The Laws of Prayer
By Dr. William Pettus Buck and Janie Buck
This small book will help you learn to pray. D. L. Moody said that, "If the owner of the Tiffany Jewelry company gave you, as a free gift, the Tiffany diamond, would you hesitate to ask for a piece of brown paper in which to wrap it?" God has given us His Son and Paul wrote that "how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?"

Book Excerpt (pdf, 122k)

Format: paperback

Practice Management for Dentists and Physicians: A Christian Perspective
By Dr. William Pettus Buck
A 19 page pamphlet on the philosophy of running a Christian office, especially for dentist and physicians. This covers relationship with staff, partners, patients and personal.
Format: paperback

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